March crafty goals

Today is March 2nd and I am ready to jump headfirst back into crafting! All my yarn and fiber and embroidery floss is back in my possession and I’m ready to make all the things.

I do have two crafty goals in particular I want to achieve before the end of March. I don’t like to set goals on my crafty endeavors because knitting and spinning and cross-stitch are my fun things. Setting arbitrary goals on my fun seems counterproductive to me! So, we’ll see if I end up doing either of these things.

Pumpkin Passport January clue

The January clue is FINISHED!

Finish February’s Pumpkin Passport clue… and maybe half of March’s. March’s clue arrived yesterday and I just finished January’s clue this weekend. I want to finish the entire piece by the end of the year, so I need to catch up! I am hoping to stitch up a storm in March.

Sock yarn blanket!

I so love this blanket.

Knit a square a day on my sock yarn blanket. I started my blanket at the end of 2014, I believe, and I’d like to knock out a few squares this month. My friend Kate is doing a square a day so maybe I will, too! I might end up posting my progress on Instagram, as I see there’s a hashtag #mmsquareaday2016. I’m thinking of using my Instagram a bit more in conjunction with this blog, so we’ll see how that goes.

That’s it! I’m hoping I can achieve these two goals, but I won’t beat myself up if I don’t. I’m excited to be crafting more again!

Back home.

Hey look, it’s an update! I’m not surprised I disappeared for a few weeks, seeing as I moved across the country and all. Suffice it to say I made it to Massachusetts on February 4, bought a car on February 6, got a MA drivers license on February 9 (I didn’t have to take a written test, hooray), and moved into my apartment on February 20th. I’ve been busy the past couple days buying furniture from IKEA and putting it together (this is WAY more exhausting than I remember!), setting up car payments and new electric and gas and internet accounts, and adjusting to living in my home area again for the first time in 15 years and for the first time as a real adult. I’ve also had to get used to dealing with snow again, but thankfully my new car (a Honda Civic) handles it well.

I hope to write more as I settle into my life in Massachusetts.  I got my wheels back on the 20th when the movers dropped off my stuff and my couch gets delivered this afternoon, so I’m anticipating lots of spinning in the future. I can’t wait.


Feeling… excited and nervous about my upcoming move. I figure that’s pretty normal.

Listening to… lots of knitting podcasts, but especially the Cultivate and Create podcast which started at the beginning of this month! I’m planning on saving a bunch of music on Spotify offline for my train trip, so I’ll have a ton of new stuff to listen to.

Reading… A Memory of Light, the last book of the Wheel of Time series! This is my first time reading the last book, so I’m excited to see how the series finally, finally wraps up.

Mint green vanilla socks.

Mint green vanilla socks. Yarn: Republic of Wool in the Grasshopper colorway.

Working on… two knitting projects I haven’t yet posted about on this blog – a pair of vanilla socks and my sock yarn blanket. These will be the projects I bring with me on the train. I’m also working on the cross-stitch project I talked about yesterday. No spinning, sadly – I won’t be spinning for at least a month or two, which makes me sad.

Thinking about… all the things I need to pack for my move next week. I’m hoping to get the majority of my packing done this weekend; fingers crossed I can do it!

Craving… I’m not kidding when I say I crave sushi all the time.

Looking forward to… seeing my family next week.

Making me happy… Friends. Writing. Cross-stitch and knitting. Chocolate. Tea. The usual.