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Half marathon training - Week 4

Yeah. Week 4 of my half marathon training? Not good.

The week started much, much colder than I anticipated, with temperatures of around 5 degrees F when I woke up in the mornings. I skipped my runs on Monday and Tuesday due to the cold, and I couldn't make them up after work due to other plans. The further the week progressed, the more stressed, more worried I became, because I had missed my runs.

Finally, I ran on Thursday. I'd go a week or so without running and picked right back up from where I had left off, but Thursday's run was pretty awful. I had a hard time settling into my groove, and I felt a little twinge in my left foot as I struggled. This worried me - any new, little injury makes me terrified I'll injure myself like I did last fall, and I'd have to drop out of yet another half.

Of course, Sunday's run was fine. I ran a nice, slow 4 miles in 35 degree temps (which felt like a heat wave to me, I loved it!) with no pain in my foot. My shins felt a little sore after the run, but I foam rolled them and stretched after my run. I felt so happy that I could run on Sunday with no issues, and it made me happy the rest of the day.

Week 4 runs.

For week 5, I'm hoping to run 3 days - Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, when I run a 5 mile race. I'm scheduled to run 7 miles as my long run this week, so I'm thinking I'll run 2 miles before my race to make it 7. I'm moving my normal Thursday run to Friday due to a potential winter storm on Wednesday and Thursday. Is winter over yet?

I really, really need to hit all my runs from here until race day. I love running in the mornings because I feel great the rest of the day, but it's really hard to be motivated when the thermometer hovers in the single digits! I'm excited to run my first half marathon and I want to run a strong race, so I need to put forth the effort in training to get there.

I know I can do this.

Why I'm here

My heart hasn’t been into this blog lately. I’ve debated shutting it down, over and over again, but still, I keep it running. Why? I’m drawn to the medium, somehow. When I first started this blog I used it as a way to meet other, fellow bloggers, chatting about my life, my day to day, and my fears and desires and wants, back when it wasn’t so commonplace for everyone to be on the internet.

I’m not looking to make money through this blog. I’m not looking to pull in millions and millions of readers. I’m looking to capture parts of my life I find interesting and post them online for whoever wants to see them. I knit, I run, I sometimes take pictures. I celebrate and I mourn. Sometimes I march triumphantly through life, and sometimes it’s all I can do to make it through the day in one piece. I’m pretty sure documenting this process won’t make me wealthy, but being wealthy’s never been a goal of mine. Making a ton of money, starting a business, things like that? Nah. I’m not interested in that here.

I’m interested in making an awesome life for myself. A life where I cook good, simple meals, sit around and knit and watch reruns of The Office and run and pet my cats, a life where I drink great beers with friends at brewpubs throughout the country. A life of writing, of creativity, of (dare I use an overused word?) passion. I want to make enough money to life my happy little life surrounded by books and yarn and beer and those I love the most.

I keep this blog running because I like to write and take pictures and document things whether it be in a paper journal, a notebook, or pixels and text on a computer screen. I may not belong to any niche group of bloggers, and I may not market myself enough to draw in all the readers, but honestly, I don’t care. I write this blog for myself, first and foremost, and for fun, not to pull sponsorships or money or anything like that. I write because I always have, and blogging’s just the next manifestation of that.

Long story short: I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to blog as myself, more authentically, however long I’d like. I’ve missed this place.

Half marathon training - Week 3

Yes. It's week three of my half marathon training, and I've not said a word about my training on this here blog of mine. Why? I haven't been writing in general, really - my poor paper journal's been gathering dust in the corner as well. But, since this winter's been absoultely brutal in terms of both snowfall and coldness, I need to keep myself accountable to get in all my runs each week. Blog? Please help me with this. I plan on updating my half marathon training progress each week. This way, I actually get my runs done.

On to this week!

Week 3 runs!

My running schedule has me running on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. As you can see, I rightly screwed that up this week! I have had a difficult time running 4 times a week, usually skipping my Monday runs and getting out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This week, I shifted everything over a day and ran Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I'm happy that I ran three times, and I'm really happy I ran my 6 miler this week!


My hardest run of the week? Tuesday's 6:30am run in 10 degree weather. Can I talk about how much I want winter to be over? It's March now, so hopefully temperatures will finally start to rise and be reasonable in the mornings when I run. Cross fingers that this long, unrelenting winter is over soon!

Next week, I strive to:

  • Run 4 times. My long run on Sunday throws off my training schedule slightly, as I want a day of recovery and probably shouldn't run on Monday. I'm looking at doing my quick 2 miler on Wednesday instead and cross training on Monday. We'll see how that goes! Speaking of which...
  • Actually cross train. I've been doing yoga on my cross training days, which are set to be on Wednesdays and Sundays, but I've slacked off on this. My flexibility is pretty terrible, so I'm disappointed in my yoga abilities, but I'll just get better, the more I do it.

That's pretty much all I want to do this week, running-wise. I want to be in great shape for my half, and if I follow my training, I can do it!