Friday Five – hair!

This is a timely set of questions, as I just cut my hair on Tuesday. I’ve done so many things with my hair over the years, so I always like talking about it (and sharing pictures, of course).

1. What’s the longest your hair has ever been? The longest my hair has ever been was probably down to my elbows… when I was 9. I grew it out again in 2013 for the wedding and kept it long until I wanted short hair again at the beginning of 2014. It’s strange seeing pictures of me with long hair.

The longest my hair has been as an adult.

2. What’s the longest amount of hair you’ve cut off at once? I’ve gone from long to short a million times, so I’m not sure what the longest at once has been! I cut my hair really short in June of 2009 after it had been a little on the long side, so this might have been a considerable jump in length.

The shortest my hair has ever been.
The shortest my hair has ever been.

3. What length is your hair now? Right now, it’s really short in the back and about chin-length in the front. I love it. I love having short hair again.

Loving my new hair cut and color!
Loving my new hair cut and color!

4. What length of hair do you prefer most on yourself? Short. Definitely. My favorite cut was short in back, long in front, that I got in July 2008. I keep on trying to get this cut again, but it never looks exactly how it did. The cut I just got is pretty close, though. Maybe one day…

My all time favorite haircut.

5. What length of hair do you prefer most on your partner/potential partners? I’m a big fan of longish hair on guys, as long as it’s not to their shoulders. Ted actually has awesome hair, but I also love 1965-1966 era Beatle hair on guys. People have always laughed at my hair preferences, but I know what I like!

Our trip to Eugene

This past weekend, Ted and took an overnight trip down to Eugene! I’d heard excellent things about their food scene, so we wanted to see (err, taste) this for ourselves.

Our verdict? Yes. The food, and the trip, rocked.

We left for our trip on Saturday after lunch. In Salem, we stopped for coffee at Archive Coffee & Bar after a quick Yelp consultation, and we were pleased with the place. They put my macchiato in a fancy glass and everything!


Another hour down I-5, and we reached our hotel – The Inn at the 5th. We knew we picked the right place when we were offered a free glass of wine as we checked in! Yes please!

The view from our little deck.
The view from our little deck.

After we finished our wine, we headed out to explore! We headed to a yarn shop I read about before our trip, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a good experience. The people working weren’t very friendly to Ted and I, and the yarn selection was only okay, so I left without buying anything. I was pretty disappointed.

The disappointment didn’t last long, however, as we passed Falling Sky Brewery and decided to check out their beers. We each ordered a set of 6 tasters – Ted ordered all IPAs and pale ales, and I ordered a random assortment, including a summer ale, an irish red, a porter, and a lager. The lager was my favorite. Also, the weather was perfect, in the 70s and just the right amount of sun to sit outside!

Ted enjoys beer.
I enjoy beer!
One of the tasters with the Falling Sky logo.

After finishing up our beers, we made a pit stop to grab a donut at Voodoo Donut (there wasn’t a line!), and then we headed up to Hop Valley Brewing for a small half pint. We didn’t drink more because the tasters at Falling Sky made us a bit tipsy! We ended up back at our hotel and relaxed a bit before heading out for dinner at Sushi Pure, located right next to where we were staying!

This sushi place was phenomenal. My miso soup was delicious, and I ordered quite possibly the tastiest spicy crunchy tuna roll I’ve ever eaten. Ted enjoyed his assortment of vegetarian sushi. Of course we didn’t take any pictures because we were pretty hungry at this point!

. . . . .

We woke up the next morning eager for more delicious food. Our good friend Yelp told us that Morning Glory, an excellent brunch place that served mostly vegan food, was just down the street from our hotel. Only 3 blocks away? Sounds good to us!

Best tofu scramble ever.
Best tofu scramble ever.

We really enjoyed our food. The scramble was cooked with just the right amount of crispness and flavor, and I loved the herbed breakfast potatoes. The bread was pretty delicious too. Ted enjoyed his food, and he also picked up a vegan cinnamon bun and muffin to eat for breakfast the next couple days.

After brunch, we decided to check out the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, located on the University of Oregon campus. We also walked around campus a bit, and the campus reminded me a lot of IU’s campus with all the trees and flowers and landscaping. It rained on and off during our weekend stay, so everything seemed especially green.

Ted in front of the art museum entrance.
Ted in front of the art museum entrance.

The museum was pretty great! I’m not as into them as Ted is, but I had a good time anyway, looking at old European art, more modern stuff, and a couple collaboration pieces between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It was pretty neat.

We stopped for more coffee after the museum, and then we decided to head home. Two cups of coffee in one day did not sit well with me, so the trip home consisted of me feeling pretty terrible. I so need to stick with tea.

. . . . .

We really enjoyed our short overnight trip to Eugene. We really, really liked the food we ate, and we totally want to go back and stay for two nights. We’re hoping to check out a couple more breweries and of course, find other excellent places to eat! I’m happy to have spent a nice weekend with Ted in a new place.

Spun Right Round August yarn club colorway!

At the beginning of July, I signed up for the Spun Right Round 6 month yarn club. I hadn’t ever worked with Renee’s yarns or fibers, but I had heard good things about the quality and colors of her products. I also hadn’t ever belonged to a yarn club, so I wanted to try that, too! I was over the moon with the July colorway, and the August colorway gives me even more joy.

SRR August Yarn Club - wrapped!

The skein came wrapped in this awesome chevron print tissue paper, with the Spun Right Round logo holding it together. I love the presentation, but I love what’s inside even more…

SRR August Yarn Club - front

Look at these colors! The teals, the yellows, that awesome bright pink!  The pale pink and black and hints of orange! I so love this colorway.

SRR August Yarn Club - back

The other side of the skein shows off more color goodness, especially that huge yellow/black section and that big pink section with the black speckles.

The colorway is called ‘Kharma’ and it’s 400 yards of 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon. I have no idea what I’ll make with this yet, but it may make a kickass shawl. I never know what my yarn will be when I get it, as I prefer to let my yarn stash marinade a bit as I ponder my options.

Thanks for the awesome yarn so far, Renee!