2012 goals, revisited.

Way back at the beginning of the year, I wrote an entry detailing my goals for 2012. “Sure, I can get all these done, no problem!” I thought to myself as I wrote them nearly a year ago.

Yeah. That didn’t happen.

I didn’t even really reach the goals I had made for myself for December – I did make the vast majority of my Christmas gifts this year, but I didn’t even get close to completing the other two. I learned December’s a bad month for goal making, as I spent most of this month busy either making Christmas gifts or feeling a little under the weather due to stress and being so damn busy. Seriously, I’ve never been so busy during the month of December as I was this year, with parties and work and general errand running. I’m in the mood to lay low in January and really start hitting wedding planning hard.

So. Yeah. What were my goals from the start of the year, again?

Figure out this blog. NOPE.
I really hoped I’d write more this year, but that didn’t happen. I’m not closer to figuring out what I want to write about here than I was at the start of the year. I do want to figure this out in 2013, and hopefully I do this time.

Learn how to take better pictures. YES/NO.
I actually DID learn to take better pictures this year, at least at the start of the year. I thought more of lighting and composition when taking pictures, and while I’m not a photography expert by any means at all, I enjoy taking pictures more now than I did last year.

Write, write, write! YES/NO
This one is one I wish I had worked more on this year, too. I DID participate ( and win!) Nanowrimo 2012, but besides that, I didn’t really write a lot anywhere, whether it be in this blog, in my paper journal, or anywhere else. And no, Twitter does not count.

Run a 5k YES!
This is one I completed, many times over! I ran not only one, but THREE 5ks this year, more than I thought possible. I’m not the fastest person in the race, but I’m looking to improve my running in 2013. I’m proud of myself.

Attend 5 conferences. NOPE.
I definitely fell short with this goal. I attended DrupalCamp Western MA in January, An Event Apart in June, and the NH Sheep and Wool festival in the spring. That’s… it. I miss attending conferences, but since I don’t really do Drupal anymore, it’s hard to find ones to attend. I wanted to attend Wordcamps this year, but I had other plans during both the Boston and Providence camps. Maybe next year?

Read 25 books. NOPE
I really fell short here. I read maybe 10 books in 2012, which is really pretty sad. I want to up this in 2013 by really making time to read before bed every night. I miss reading and it helps me to sleep better if I’m reading a book before bed instead of fiddling with my phone.

Knit a sweater that fits! NOPE.
I wish I had fulfilled this goal. I really wanted to finish Arisaig once and for all, but, yeah, that didn’t happen. I frogged that sweater once again, knowing it’s not in my cards for now. Plus, working on that massive wedding blanket the first half of the year deterred me from knitting any other big projects this year, so maybe this will be a goal for the latter half of 2013 after I finish wedding related knitting and other crafts.

Organize the office… and use it. YES!
We did satisfy this goal! I bought a new computer chair, got rid of old books, and cleared out all the chaos in the room. We actually USED it a lot more often, the second half of 2012. We moved in October, and our new office is just as functional as the old one we cleaned up. I’m glad we did this one.

Visit my family more often. YES!
I saw a lot more of my family this year. I visited them in January for DrupalCamp Western MA, and then saw them in March when my father passed away. Of course that was devastating. I saw them again in April for my now sister in law’s bridal shower, then for my brother’s wedding, and THEN for my niece’s first birthday. We went out to visit for the day when Ted’s mom came to visit us in July, and we saw them here and there throughout the fall. We just spent Christmas with them, and I’m happy with the time I’ve spent with them all this year.

Of course, I’m sad my father is gone so soon. That’s the saddest and hardest part of this year, of course.

Save money and keep a budget. YES/NO.
I wish we could keep a budget. I want to actually come up with dollar amounts for groceries, eating out, etc, but we never do. Pretty much all our money goes toward eating out, and I want that to change in 2013. I want to cook a lot more than go out, and hopefully we’ll be able to do this.

As for saving, I’m now 100% debt free. I paid off my car in September, and my student loans were paid off with my dad’s 401k money after he passed away. Bittersweet, but I no longer have any debt to my name. Next up is helping Ted pay off his debt.

I suppose I didn’t do as bad as I thought I did with my goals, but I strive to do better next year. Maybe I won’t make as many, so I can actually keep the ones most important to me. Hopefully I’ll come up with these within the next few days, and I’ll work on making 2013 an excellent year.