2013 year in review.

So, it’s the last day of 2013. I always wonder where the year went – how can it already be over?

See? We DID get married. I just never posted about it here.

2013 wasn’t my best year, but it wasn’t my worst, either. I got married, took an awesome road trip down the east coast, cruised to Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico, ran 3 miles without stopping for the first time ever, ran a couple 5ks in under 30 minutes, knit a few awesome things, and wrote more in my paper journal. Unfortunately, I also spent most of the year struggling to get through each day, battling a pretty bad bout of anxiety. I’m amazed and proud of myself for getting through this year, honestly, seeing how bad I was feeling almost every day. Ted, running, and knitting seriously got me through the bad times, and now, at the very end of the year, I’m starting to feel hopeful and optimistic again.

I only have a few things I want to accomplish in 2014, and the biggest one of all is to stop comparing myself to others. This has been a huge, huge struggle for me for the past couple years, and it’s hindered me from making any progress with my own life. Instead of feeling happy for others, I feel envious, and that’s a feeling I don’t like! I want to change this so I can accomplish things with my life, and so I can feel joy for others who want to share their happiness.

Another big goal? Finally run my first half marathon! Dropping out of the half I signed up for in November sucked, but I’ve been running more or less consistently since then. I’m looking into running a half marathon in Providence the first weekend of May, which gives me plenty of time to train.

Also, I want to put more effort into my relationships with friends and family. I don’t want to just wish friends a happy birthday on Facebook. I want to email more and have more direct, meaningful conversations. I don’t want to buy gifts for family and friends straight off a wishlist. I want to choose gifts personally and be a bit creative with them! Also, I’d like to get more in the habit of giving gifts just because. Why should I restrict gift giving to just the holidays?

Knitting-wise, I’d like to knit my first cardigan, knit at least three pairs of socks (hey, I’m a slow knitter!), and knit my first cowl. I’m planning on starting the Song of the Sea cowl on January 1st, and I’m planning on doing the sock knit-a-long that KC and Tiffany are both doing to knock out a few pairs of socks, so those are somewhat planned at least!

I’m feeling pretty optimistic about my 2014. I plan on working harder, feeling more accomplished, and actually living my life again.