A fresh start.

Just like Laura, I’ve been craving a fresh start somewhere else. I’ve owned Star Shaped now for seven and a half years; in some ways I feel much different from the 19 year old girl about ready to start her sophomore year of college. I’m as grown up as I’ll ever get; working full time, married, owning our own home. It’s been a difficult decision to abandon the place I called home for so long, as cheesy and strange as that seems, but I do believe in fresh starts.

What’s new in the life of Aubrey:

As always, I’m spending a ton of time knitting. I’m working on too many projects, of course, but I’m fully confident I’ll finish them all someday. Hopefully.

Scott and I started playing World of Warcraft again. Yeah, yeah, I know. I signed back up mainly to use up a 60 day game card I got for Christmas in 2006, so I figure there’s no harm in playing again for a bit. I’ve started a priest on the Alliance side and so far, myself, Scott, and Scott’s friend are having a fun time questing around in the Draenai starting area.

We traveled to Massachusetts to visit my family a few weekends ago, and Scott and I had a rockin’ good time playing Guitar Hero III with my dad. (Yes, my parents own Guitar Hero. This still amazes me.) Nothing’s funnier than watching your dad rock out to “Talk Dirty To Me”. I’m also, finally, finally mastering that orange button on the Guitar Hero guitars and have been able to actually play through some songs on hard. Don’t ask why I consider this an accomplishment.

I’m looking forward to winter being over. I’m not a big fan of driving on icy roads and clearing off my car before I leave work every evening. Thankfully February’s almost halfway over (how did THAT happen?), and hopefully March will not be bad, weather wise. (Of course, I say that now, and watch us be trapped in our home by snowdrifts on March 31st.) I’m looking forward to grilling again too, honestly.

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