A long overdue update.

It has been over one month since I have posted an entry to this blog. (Sidenote, I hate the word ‘blog’. Lame.) I’ve been busy this past month, visiting my family, going white water rafting, learning Drupal, and hanging out with some of the new people I’ve met in this area. Life’s been exciting, but I have been slacking in maintaining this site.

I’m not sure what to write in here anymore. I sometimes write about my knitting, sometimes about what I’m cooking, and on the rare occasion, I write about my experiences with Drupal so far. I liked this place when I focused on what I do, and really, I haven’t been documenting that very much recently.

I am hopefully going to keep a better track of what’s going on my life the next couple months. I started a new paper journal at the end of July and would love to take pictures of it, and I’ve finished a shawl and a camera case and other various and assorted knitting goodness this summer. I’ve also spun a few skeins of yarn, and I’ve made the switch from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu, to be more specific). I’ve been busy, but I haven’t felt like writing about it at all.

This changes now.