A new location

I put my two week notice in to work today.

:scott: and I decided that it would be best for me to move up to South Bend the first weekend in March so that I can get settled in town and so I can find a job easier than I could living in Bloomington. Plus, I’ve wanted to move from Bloomington for a long time now, and I’m practically jumping at the chance now!

I’ll be getting the apartment Scott and I will be living in after we marry; we’re hoping for a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment with a loft at an apartment complex we checked out last fall when looking for places for after we got married. Scott will be bringing down his extra tubs when he visits this weekend, I’ll start packing, and the weekend afterward I will be moving.

I’m very relieved that we came to this decision. I have a few jobs lined up to make some money until I find a full time job, and if I can’t find one right away, I’ll put myself through retail hell until I do. However, if I get web jobs as consistently as I have been right now, I should be all set until I get a full time job. Plus, I have a lot of extra CDs, DVDs, and things I’ve knit that I can just sell on ebay for extra cash. I will definitely be ok.

So, I am happy. I’m not happy about leaving my current job, but I am happy about moving forward with my life.