A South Bend winter

It’s not even 9am and I’m sitting in bed, typing furiously on a laptop, long nails clicking on the keys as I move my fingers as fast as I can in the semi darkness of the room. I made it to South Bend yesterday; the coworker driving me up north called at around 2 and picked me up 15 minutes later. Though the roads weren’t plowed as well as I expected they’d be, they weren’t completely bad and we drove out of town faster than I thought we would.

As we drove, we passed many, many cars stuck in snow ditches, wrecks gathered on one side of the road, and even a semi overturned in a snowdrift. I haven’t ever seen so many stuck cars after a snowstorm in my life, and I was eternally grateful that my coworker knew how to drive in such conditions.

We arrived in town a little after six and met :scott: at a Burger King outside of South Bend. We moved my bags from his car to mine, gave my coworker money for the drive, and were on our way to Scott’s work dinner in a town a little north of South Bend. It began to snow as we drove through South Bend, passing yet another wreck blocking our direct path to the restaurant. We made it up there with time to spare and I couldn’t wait to eat.

I had a great time with Scott’s boss and coworkers. I ordered a strawberry daquari and loved it; they put a different sort of alcohol in it at this place and I still can’t figure out what it was. (Wasn’t rum, thankfully wasn’t vodka, unless it was a really good brand that made me actually enjoy it!) I ordered a delicious meal of prime rib and finished it off with a slice of Chocolate Sin cake. Scott’s coworkers continued being silly the remainder of the evening; they’re all at least 10 years older than Scott and I and we all howled with laughter when they flicked whipped cream at each other. I felt happy to be filled with food and spending the evening with entertaining people.

We exchanged Christmas presents when we returned home; Scott gave me Napoleon Dynamite on DVD and I gave him DVDs of Black Sheep and Tommy Boy. I’m quite pleased. He’ll be getting me the 90’s edition of Trivial Pursuit for my birthday once he can find it in a store; apparently every store’s sold out of it! It will be fun for both of us, I think.

Today we’re making the five-hour drive to Scott’s parents’ house and staying until Monday or Tuesday, before we drive back to Indiana to visit his relatives. We’ll then be heading to Massachusetts to visit my family; I can’t wait to see them again and to spend New Years with them.

Happy Christmas Eve, all!