A survey of fives

KC passed this my way; as much as I feel I shouldn’t, I love little surveys sometimes.

Ten Years Ago:

I spent too much time in my room listening to music, writing, doodling, and generally being an angsty 14 year old. I wrote my first story the summer before I started my freshman year in high school, about a girl who dyes her hair purple after realizing the guy she likes didn’t like her back. I watched way too much My So-Called Life on Thursday nights and joined the Academic Decathlon team.

Five Years Ago:

I lived with my awesome roommate in our first floor dorm room right near the student union. I made plans to travel to Indiana to meet a few friends, including a boy I liked, much to the dismay of my local friends. I strung holiday lights and New Kids on the Block cards throughout the high-ceilinged dorm room and my roommate and I stayed up way too late watching Insomniac Music Theater on VH1. Yes, VH1 was still tolerable five years ago.

One Year Ago:

I lived in Bloomington with my roommate, Denise, and her two kitties. My boyfriend :scott: lived four hours north of me; we spent our weekends driving the painful drive between towns to see each other. I worked at Indiana University and had fun goofing around with the coworkers. I began anticipating when and where Scott would propose.

Five Snacks:

  • Cape Cod chips
  • Starburst jelly beans
  • Strawberry sundaes from Steak and Shake
  • Chex Mix!
  • M & Ms

Five Songs I Know All the Words To:

  • “I’ve Just Seen a Face” – The Beatles
  • “Carrie-Anne” – The Hollies
  • “MMMBop” – Hanson (and I’m not afraid to admit it!)
  • “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” – Backstreet Boys (again, not afraid to admit it)
  • Almost every song by Blur and Smashing Pumpkins

Five Things I Would Do With $100 Million:

  • Pay off loans.
  • Donate.
  • Buy a house on the Cape.
  • Get my family members whatever they wanted.
  • Put it in savings!

Five Places to Run Away To:

  • Cape Cod
  • A yarn store
  • Lake Michigan
  • Scott’s parents’ house
  • My parents’ house

Five Things I Would Never Wear:

  • A pink and white paint splattered acid washed ruffly skirt
  • A chartruese mesh see through tank top
  • A pair of puke green knitted chaps
  • Madonna cones!
  • Mime makeup

Five Favorite TV Shows:

  • South Park
  • Old episodes of American Chopper
  • My So-Called Life
  • Random stuff on PBS
  • Iron Chef

Five Biggest Joys:

  • Cuddling with Scott
  • Sitting on our balcony at night, drinking, reading, talking, or thinking
  • Creating things
  • Singing along to music as loud as I can in my car
  • Being my goofy self

Favorite Toys:

  • My computer
  • My digital camera
  • My PDA
  • My iPod
  • My endless supply of yarn!