A vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Did I ever write about my Thanksgiving?

I didn’t think so.

Yeah, I got all creepy with the Tofurky. What of it?

Yeah, I got all creepy with the Tofurky. What of it?

Ted and I spent a quiet Thanksgiving Day together at home, but that doesn’t mean it was boring. We went about our day in a leisurely manner, and sometime around 3pm, we started our cooking.

Thanksgiving dinner!

Maple glazed Brussels sprouts with hazelnuts. Rosemary garlic potatoes. Tofurky. Wild rice. Ted’s special cranberry sauce. Fat Alberta beer as our drink, sorbet from the store for our dessert. We didn’t use any specific recipes, just did it on our own.

So, SO delicious. I loved spending the day with someone I love so much.

3 thoughts on “A vegetarian Thanksgiving.”

  1. that was the kind of Thanksgiving we had and it is sooo nice to just be with the one you love and some good food and very little external whateverness :)   Glad it was great!

    1. I hadn’t ever done Thanksgiving with just one other person before! We will probably do Thanksgiving with my family next year; hopefully they aren’t weirded out by the Tofurky!

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