A weekend in western Massachusetts.

This past weekend? Very, very delicious lobster (seriously, one of the tastiest lobsters I’ve ever eaten), Sam Adams Octoberfest, playing Wits and Wagers and In A Pickle with my family, running around the Boston Museum of Fine Arts trying to solve a murder mystery, raspberry truffle cheesecake, formatting my computer and installing Windows XP (yeah, yeah, I know… Photoshop’s the sole reason for the format), drinking my first Dark n’ Stormy, and hauling serious ass back up to Portsmouth on Sunday night.

And I get to do it all over again this weekend when I drive out to western Massachusetts for Thanksgiving!

. . . . .

It’s still strange living only 2.5 hours away from my family when I lived over 800 miles away from them for 8 years. It’s weird thinking “Hey, I’ll just hop in my car and see my family tonight!” when just 8 months ago, visiting my family consisted of planning flights, coordinating being picked up at the airport, and making sure people would be in town when I visited. It’s a nice change.

Now, onward to Thanksgiving!