A weekend of fast food and gaming

I can’t believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving. Where has the time gone?

Secondly, and actually just as important, :scott: and I spent a great weekend together. He arrived here in town at around 9pm Friday night and we spent the evening watching the first season of ‘Home Movies‘ on DVD while eating McDonald’s.

We spent Saturday with his parents; they came into town to take us out to lunch (we went to Asuka, mmm) and we poked around in a few stores before they drove back to Illinois. We then watched more Home Movies, ordered pizza, and played lots and lots of :eq2:.

Sunday was spent in front of our computers playing Everquest II as well. Yes, we’re that nerdy. I don’t even think we took a break for lunch, and we played straight until he left at 2. We had fun regardless; gaming bonds us together, strangely enough.

I’ll be driving up to South Bend tomorrow night right after work to start the drive to Massachusetts nice and early on Wednesday morning. I love leaving from South Bend because the drive ends up being only 13 hours instead of 15, and driving the long distance with another person is much, much better than making that drive alone. I’m incredibly excited to go home, see my family, and eat turkey, and I’m very, very excited to be home to help my parents decorate the house for Christmas. I can’t wait.

Remind me again why this year has passed so quickly?