Aaaaand, it’s an update!

What happens when I have a busy, busy couple of weeks at work? I don’t update this weblog, as you can see. I’ve taken countless pictures of my knitting works in progress, but none of them have been clear enough to post online. The new druid I started in World of Warcraft a few months ago is now up to level 27, which makes me excited. Besides that, I’ve been doing next to nothing besides relaxing, lifting weights at the gym, and watching our new favorite show, the Colbert Report. Yeah, we’re approximately 1-2 years late getting into the Colbert Report, but we’re still enjoying it regardless.

I hope to post more later on this weekend, if I do anything interesting. I also need to fix up this weblog layout, but again, inspiration fails me. Hopefully the work week next week will be much slower.