Before ads permeated pretty much… everything.

Today, while watching an oooold Indiana / Kentucky basketball game, Scott and I noticed something; NO ADS on the screen. At all. No time remaining or current score reminders either; just one big blank, empty screen allowing us full viewage of the game.

When was this game, you ask? 1990. Nineteen ninety. Just 17 years ago and ESPN didn’t cover the entire top, bottom and sides of the screen with ads for this and that. We couldn’t believe it.

I’ve never been a big fan of overexposure to ads. I feel in general, too many things are moving, making noise, and obstructing my view of the show I’m watching. Not to mention I really, really dislike product placement in shows. Just give me a few commercials and leave me alone when the show’s on!

Just a little observation on my part while knitting some Christmas gifts this evening. (Speaking of which, it’s killing me to not be posting them on my site. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures up after the holidays!)