Adventures in argyle knitting

Hey, look! I’m… knitting again!

Hat in progress

Well, not that I ever stopped.

Sometime after the holidays, Ted asked me to knit him some things.

Yes, a guy I’m dating wanted me to… knit him things. I am amazed! I love knitting things for those I love, but unfortunately, most of the guys in my past had no desire to wear anything I knit for them. I was just a little insulted.

Ted requested specifically that he’d like an argyle hat to wear in the winters. Also, being vegan, he didn’t want me to knit it out of animal fibers. Sure, no problem! I received a Knit Picks gift card for Christmas, so I ordered him a few skeins of Comfy Sport. I cast on right after I received the yarn in February!

While waiting for my yarn to arrive, I put together my pattern. I studied a few argyle patterns and drew one of my own.

Hand-drawn pattern

Yeah. Pen and paper, bitches! None of this fancy computer graph stuff.

When my yarn arrived, I happily cast on the number of stitches I mathematically determined to fit Ted’s head. Only I didn’t take into account the fact that Fair Isle doesn’t stretch, and the hat barely fit MY head, much less Ted’s.

So I ripped out all my stitches and started again.

And this time, I didn’t screw up.

I finished the hat this past Thursday morning, and it fits just fine! I’m excited I have it done, and even more excited I knit it from a pattern I made up myself. Ted loves it too, of course.

(Of course, pictures of the finished product are missing. I’ll get the boy to model it for me sometime soon!)

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  1. Liz C.

    I looks great. I hope you’re having better luck with the tension than I did! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

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