An awesome Saturday.

Sunset in NewingtonSunset in Newington, NH, 01.09.10.

Today has been a good day. I spent the day with my friend Gretchen, shopping and knitting and drinking tea and eating dark chocolate. We ate the perfect lunch portion of fried shrimp at a restaurant in Kittery, Maine and I purchased a pair of comfy brown tall boots for only $17. I also now own two new shirts and a pair of my favorite brand of jeans (Old Navy Diva skinny, if you’re that curious).

The best part of my day is the fact that my purchases cost me approximately zero dollars, due to cheap prices at the Kittery outlets and the multitudes of gift cards I received for Christmas. I am happy.

Actually, no, the best part of my day was spending it with a great friend of mine, who has introduced me to The Big Bang Theory, awesome, squishy yarns and patterns, The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlane Harris (I’m not a fan of the whole vampire trend in general, but these books were fun in a mindless sort of way), and, as of today (because I’m late and so out of fashion), Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.. We always have a good time when we see each other.

. . . . .

Speaking of awesome friends, the very generous Cindy has very graciously donated me webspace, so my site is now housed on her server. I moved the files last night and transferred DNS this afternoon, and everything should be propagated by this point. I am thankful for friends who offered to help me during my time of brokeness.

. . . .

Tonight I am tired, but I am happy. Today has been a good day.