And I’m off!

After a hectic, hectic two+ weeks at work where I think I’ve spent more time in the office than at my house, I’m off to Florida! I’ll be back on Friday for one day of work goodness, then Scott and I are off to Mackinac Island for Memorial Day weekend. I definitely need this time off (well, the Florida time isn’t really time off, but I won’t be in the office, so it sort of counts).

6am is way too early to be catching a flight…

2 thoughts on “And I’m off!”

  1. Oh I am so so jealous!!! That’s awesome, though. I hope you guys have tons-o-fun. And not a bit less. You deserve it!!

  2. Susan

    Hope you have a great time at Mackinaw over the weekend. I have always wanted to go. I use to go when I was little with my parents but don’t remember much just the bridge. Also, I love your new hair color.!!

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