Anniversary weekend in Portland!

Ted and I on Peaks Island

This past weekend, Ted and I celebrated our one year anniversary. I cannot believe it’s been a year. Seriously.

I’ve worked three jobs and lived in three different places since this time last year. I’ve been to LA, Vermont, a tiny town with excellent beer in mid-coastal Maine, and Washington DC, with the guy I pretty much spontaneously decided to go on a date with on Cinco de Mayo 2010.

To celebrate this awesome occasion, we took a trip an hour north to Portland, Maine, to enjoy restaurants and the best beer bar on the planet (well, at least in New England).

View from our hotel, sebago beer coaster

We loved our hotel right in the middle of the bustling Old Port, smelling the salt air from the ocean just across the street from our window. We drank beers both at the Sebago Brewing Company (get their hefeweizen. Now!) and at Novare Res, which we enjoyed so much we stopped by both before and after our dinner!

Awesome beer in Maine

Speaking of dinner, let’s talk about the food options in Portland. Vegetarian food? No problem! For lunch we ate outside at this cute, cute, colorful restaurant that puts the Friendly Toast to shame. I ate… (wait for it)… BUFFALO TOFU. And it was everything I dreamed it could be!


And, dinner. On Friday night we ate at the Green Elephant, and we loved it so much we ate there again on Saturday! I ate the best Thai basil fried rice with mushroom tempura, and spicy soy sticks and stir fried vegetables with an amazing ginger sauce. The best part? ALL vegan, for Ted and I both to enjoy! After a few disappointing mishaps with restaurants in this area, Ted was more than happy to eat at vegetarian restaurants all weekend.

Ferry ride to Peaks Island.

My favorite part of the trip was our trip to Peak’s Island on Saturday. My sister and her husband went to Portland last year for their 5 year wedding anniversary, and they talked about how much fun they had riding bikes around the island! We did the same, though I didn’t realize how tiring riding up and down hills would be! Still, we enjoyed our ride and the spectacular views of the ocean.

Peaks Island

We had such a fun, fantastic time away from Portsmouth for a weekend! I’m so happy to have spent it with such an awesome person and I’m glad we spent an entire weekend! We went to Portland for the day last June for our one month dating anniversary and we knew we wanted to return for a longer trip someday. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend the day!

Happy anniversary, Ted!

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  1. You’re making me home sick!

  2. Carrie Schubert

    We got into a fight going up the big hills at the beginning, OMG! It got better after that but ugh, I am so not in shape! 

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