Aubrey and Scott’s weekend in MA

For the most part, :scott: and I enjoyed our weekend in Massachusetts for my sister’s wedding. However, we will never, ever attempt the 14 hour drive from South Bend to western MA overnight again. Ever. Totally not worth it.

We left South Bend after I got out of work at 5pm on Thursday afternoon, and we alternated driving and stopped fairly frequently overnight to let the other rest. We found that I-90 in New York state is completely dead at 3am and we put the Starbucks gift cards we recieved from our wedding to good use, keeping ourselves awake by ingesting lots and lots of caffiene.

At around 8am we finally entered the home stretch, stopped at Walmart to pick up a few last minute things, and hurried home; we found that driving overnight with bellies full of caffiene wreaks utter havoc on one’s stomach. Yuck. We got to my parents’ house, said hello to my mother, and went to sleep.

…for three hours. We woke at around noon, ordered Chinese from North China, and enjoyed our food before heading to the rehearsal. I love Chinese food; I need to find a good Chinese place in this area. We said hello to the Parkers, our family friends from England, whose 18 year old daughter was a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding. They crack me up, and we enjoyed talking with them.

We arrived at the rehearsal just in time; we set up the pew bows in the church and did a little runthrough of the ceremony. Everything went well, and we spent an hour or so at home before going to the rehearsal dinner. Erica and I had a good time, though we were fooled into thinking the RD had an open bar! We were glad the wine was free, at least!

Scott and I became incredibly tired after returning home from the dinner, and watched a bit of baseball with the Parkers before going to sleep.

I awoke at 8am on the wedding day and proceeded to shower early so that I didn’t need to later on when everyone came over to get ready. Carrie’s wedding was at 11am on Saturday morning, so everything occurred really early in the day. I showered, did my hair, put on my makeup, and put on my dress; a pink dress Carrie borrowed from a friend of hers that ended up fitting me perfectly. I liked how I looked, even though the dress really didn’t seem like my style!

Scott, the nice guy he is, went out to Dunkin’ Donuts right before the ceremony to pick me up a Coolata and donut, which I ate and drank on the way to the ceremony itself. We took pictures of just us girls and then were ushered into the parlor before the ceremony began.

The church was hot, and sitting in that parlor didn’t help! We were happy to finally line up to go into the church, and the ceremony passed in a blur. I cried when my sister walked down the aisle; I’m not afraid to admit it! I’ve teared up at every wedding I’ve been to this year besides my own. Go figure.

After the ceremony ended, the party began! We headed over to the reception area and :peter:’s brother Garrett and I walked in the room to “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas. We sat down at the head table, cheered when Carrie and Peter entered the room, and then began the toasts. Yeah, I half-assed mine and I cracked myself up when I very nearly mentioned the fact that I pulled the toast out of my ass to the 150+ people in the room! Everyone laughed when I said I was happy Peter was a computer geek like Scott and I.

And the food. Man, the food was delicious; I ordered a prime rib, which I ate with two bottles of Sam Adams. I haven’t had better meat in such a long time. The cake was delicious too, and I had a good time at the reception, hanging around with Scott and Erica.

More fun occurred when we arrived home at 5pm from the reception; we spent the rest of the evening drinking and talking with my aunts and the Parkers. Erica and I amused ourselves silly by writing names of crappy bands on a piece of paper. Don’t ask. Really, don’t ask.

To top the night off, I recieved a call from Carolyn at 11pm, who didn’t know I was in town that weekend! She always seems to call out of the blue when I’m in town, and she came over to go in the hot tub with Erica, Erica’s boyfriend Kinsey, and I. We caught up with each other and she gave me a few pictures she took at my wedding in May. I’m glad we got to see her again, even though she didn’t get to stay for long. Scott and I went to bed at around 1:30, gearing up for our long drive home.

Yuck. We left at 9:30 and arrived back in South Bend at 10:30 that night, after being incredibly dehydrated and tired. I spent the day in agony from my dehydration and drank as much water as possible to replenish fluids in my system. Alcohol and water really do not mix; thankfully I didn’t drink while in the hot tub on Saturday night or I might have felt much, much worse on Sunday.

I’m glad to be home, though I had a great time in Massachusetts with my family and friends.