Aubrey’s adventures in retail

So, I started my job at Michaels this past Monday; it’s been interesting so far trying to get back into ‘cashier mode’. I hadn’t been behind a register in over four years, so I wondered how I’d feel about it after all this time.

On Monday I came in, learned how to check into my shift with a time card (I also noticed they spelled my name as ‘Aubry’; I never win!), and looked forward to a day of training and learning.


I ended up watching the front end supervisor for five minutes until he put me on my own register. “Let me know if you need anything!” he called to me as he rang up his next customer. Nice training! I’m happy that I did have prior cashier experience so I could at least do the basics.

I also had my first amusing customer of the job during my first shift the day before yesterday; a woman came through my line with every single color of DMC floss we had on stock. If you’re not familiar with DMC floss, it comes in hundreds of different colors, and of course, I had to ring it in one by one. I’m about a third into the order when the woman digs through her purse hurriedly and exclaims, “I must have dropped a $20 somewhere, I’ll just take what you’ve rung up so far and come back later to buy the rest.” I scooped up all the floss, bagged it, and put it on the side, waiting for her return.

Of course she didn’t come back. The assistant manager of the store wasn’t pleased.

I spent my shift today alternating between standing at the register and unpacking a crapload of Memorial Day / Independence Day themed stuff (aka a whole mess of red, white, and blue items). I got to put up wooden ‘God Bless America’ stakes and Americana Uncle Sam wall ornaments. Patriotic stuff cracks me up for some reason so I had an amusing time today.