Awesomeness is…

Being done with my final.
It was about as hard as I thought it would be, but I did as well as I could. I spent all of Monday and Tuesday night studying my butt off for it! I’ll hopefully find out this weekend what I got for a grade.

Finishing my Christmas cards!

Handmade Christmas cards from... 2006? Yes.

Handmade Christmas cards from… 2006? Yes.

I realized today that I haven’t sent out Christmas cards since a year or two before I moved to New Hampshire. So, Christmas 2007, I believe. (I just cracked myself up by typing Christmas 007. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it?) I can’t believe it’s been so long! I used to make my own Christmas cards. Hopefully next year I’ll have the time to do that again.

Holiday parties!
In addition to my final yesterday, I also attended two holiday parties; one with my work team, and one for the Portsmouth Brewery‘s Imperial Pint Club members. Ted and I hurried on over to the Brewery after our final and while we JUST missed getting ourselves some Kate the Great, we did enjoy a couple other awesome brews. I drank a glass of the Holidaze Porter, which I surprisingly enjoyed. I may need to drink another before Christmas!

My awesome boyfriend.

(Yeah, he might have told me to put this in. Of course, I would have put him in anyway, because he IS an awesome boyfriend. I’m kind of lucky to have him, you know.)

Almost done with my shawl!
I have TEN more rows left to knit before I’m finished with the Ginkgo shawl. I might get this bad boy done just in time! I’m hoping to knock it out this weekend and have some time to block it before the holidays. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this well with gifts this year. Actually, that’s another awesome thing; I’m about done with my shopping / crafting for the holidays. Hooray!

What was awesome about YOUR day?

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  1. A year and a half worth of work went into production without a single issue! That made my day awesome.

    And of course coming home to you also made my day awesome, as it does every day :)

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