B to the E

After we got off work today, :scott: and I went to Target to pick up shampoo and beer. While meandering down the alcohol aisle (yes, Super Target does have an alcohol aisle, complete with hard liquor!), Scott and I came across a curious beverage by Budweiser called B to the E; apparently, it’s “beer infused with caffeine, guarana and ginseng”. Scott and I stared for a few seconds in disbelief. Beer… and caffiene? Ginseng??? What the hell? The mix just doesn’t sound very good to either of us. This just sounds like some sort of gimmick to draw people who wouldn’t otherwise drink Bud into picking up the beer because it sounds remotely good for you.

Quote Steve: “The ginseng’s there so you can remember what you did while drunk.”

Scott and I had a laugh over this, that’s for sure!