Back home.

Hey look, it’s an update! I’m not surprised I disappeared for a few weeks, seeing as I moved across the country and all. Suffice it to say I made it to Massachusetts on February 4, bought a car on February 6, got a MA drivers license on February 9 (I didn’t have to take a written test, hooray), and moved into my apartment on February 20th. I’ve been busy the past couple days buying furniture from IKEA and putting it together (this is WAY more exhausting than I remember!), setting up car payments and new electric and gas and internet accounts, and adjusting to living in my home area again for the first time in 15 years and for the first time as a real adult. I’ve also had to get used to dealing with snow again, but thankfully my new car (a Honda Civic) handles it well.

I hope to write more as I settle into my life in Massachusetts.  I got my wheels back on the 20th when the movers dropped off my stuff and my couch gets delivered this afternoon, so I’m anticipating lots of spinning in the future. I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “Back home.”

  1. Rachel

    Welcome home! :)

  2. I’m glad you made it there safely :) welcome home!

  3. Crystal

    So glad you’re back home and embarking on new adventures. :)

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