Back to Everquest II?

So, :scott: and I have been thinking about going back to :eq2: after playing :wow: for the past few months. We like WoW, don’t get me wrong; we just seek a player base that doesn’t act, oh, 12 years old the majority of the time. Of course, we encountered morons when we played EQII before, but not as much as we have in WoW and it’s beginning to turn us off to the game.

My only problem is deciding what class to go with this time around.

When I played EQII before, I played an enchanter. I love the class so much; I love crowd control and I love all the DOTs I can throw around. The only issue with being an enchanter is that enchanters, in my experience, are not a great solo class; I’m hit only a few times and then I die. It’s very annoying, so I’m debating whether or not I want to try something different.

I’ve been looking into playing a druid/fury on EQII, mainly because I think I’d much rather play a healer. I’m just not sure how much I’d miss enchanter if I did this, but I know I’d like playing a healer class. Maybe I’ll start up both an enchanter and a druid to see which I like more; I’ll start off with the druid and if I get bored, I’ll work up the chanter. Who knows?

We aren’t sure if or when we’ll be starting up again; money’s pretty tight and we don’t want to be spending all our money on gaming. I’m not spending anything on WoW at the moment; I bought a gift card with an EB gift certificate I recieved as a wedding gift. At least we wouldn’t have to buy the game again; we’d just need to spend the $15 a month for subscribing. Which, to us, isn’t a lot because we really don’t do much of anything else besides dork around on our computers!

We’ll figure this out sometime; we just know we need some sort of change for a bit. I’ll probably alternate between the two games for awhile because I like them both, but probably won’t be subscribed to both at the same time.