Our Big Move – Day 7

Finally, I’m getting to the last part of our drive across the country! It’s short, only because I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I was too excited to finally be done with the driving!

Day 7 – Idaho to Portland

We slept well in Boise, and more importantly, we slept in, as we only had a 6 and a half hour drive ahead of us. We woke up, packed our things in the car, and ventured to a Whole Foods to pick up pastries for breakfast. Soon, we were on the road!

After less than an hour of driving, we saw a very welcome sight.

Our drive across the country | Oregon! Finally!

So, the landscapes of eastern Oregon completely took me by surprise. I expected most of the state to be forest and thought we’d be driving through lots of trees, but no. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This, my friends, is what eastern Oregon looks like. Not a forest in sight. We definitely didn’t expect rolling hills!

Our drive across the country | Landscapes in eastern Oregon.

Our drive across the country | Landscapes in eastern Oregon.

Another welcome sight? Driving along the Columbia River for the last few hours of the trip!

Our drive across the country | Columbia river.

Our drive across the country | Another view of the Columbia River.

I drove most of the way after I took these pictures, so I don’t have any of the last couple hours while we drove through the Columbia River Gorge. I also don’t have pictures from when we first arrived in the city, driving over one of the many bridges that span the Willamette River.

I just remember being happy we finally made it to our new home, ready for our next adventure.