Blanket countdown!

Let me let you in on a little secret: I don’t knit for many people besides myself. I never know who will really appreciate handmade goods, especially hand-KNIT goods, so I keep my fibery handiwork to my household. This doesn’t mean I don’t knit AROUND others, however. I am not shy about knitting in public, unless it detracts from enjoying company. Company almost always trumps knitting, in my mind.

Last fall, however, a friend of Ted’s and mine requested I knit a blanket for him and his fiancee as a wedding gift for their nuptuals in August 2012. “No problem!” I said cheerfully. “A year? That’s MORE than enough time to finish a huge, daunting blanket!”

Blanket progress, so far

I’m laughing at myself now. I think my half-finished blanket is laughing at me too, as it’s almost June 2012 and I’m only HALFWAY done with the blanket. I started in February thinking that’d give me enough time, but nope. I suppose I can’t order any extra time to be spent between now and August, right?

I want to finish this blanket by the 18th of August, to allow a week for blocking and wrapping. If I divide how many rows I have left by how many days I have left, I can come up with how many rows a day I need to knit before I need to be done. Surely, I can stick to this.

Tree on blanket, close up


There are 81 days left between now and August 18th. Adding all the stitch counts from all the different patterns in the blanket, I have to knit about 190 more rows. Let’s round that up to 200, just in case I missed any in my calculations. Better safe than sorry, right? Using my nifty difty calculator, 200 divided by 81 is a not so pretty 2.46913580246914, which, rounded up, is 3 rows per day. Now, I want to give myself a little padding in case I ever miss a day, so I’ll up that number to 5 rows.

Definitely doable.

Definitely, definitely doable. Now I’m not so scared.

Flower pattern. LOVE this.

Though, this means budgeting time out of every day to knit my 5 rows. 5 rows doesn’t seem so hard to me right now, but I’m fearful I’ll run into a day or 3 where I won’t pick up the blanket and knit my stitches.

This is where you come in.

I’m planning on tracking my row progress on my blog, every day, from now until August 18th. I’ll update my counts on the sidebar every day, and if I don’t, I want you to bug me about it! I want comments, contact form submissions, smoke signals, anything to keep me on track! It’s important I finish this blanket by the wedding so we have something beautiful to give to them on their wedding day. I can totally do 5 rows a day if I stay focused, especially with support from people reading this blog. I’m excited about this.

Now, off to knit my 5 rows for the day!

21 thoughts on “Blanket countdown!”

  1. Blair Gardner

    I just looked at the baby version of that blanket and chickened out.  You are awesome and you can do this!

    1. Thanks! The blanket is super intimidating, but I can finish. I know I can!

  2. Taryn

    I believe in you!  If you want to work in solidarity, I have a crocheted block project I need to ramp up on.

    1. Woot! Yes, feel free to join me! You can do it too!

  3. Amanda Storer

    It’s just like NaNo, only knitting.  Aubrey’s Knitting Fiercely month!  Would that be AbKniFiMo?  I know you can do it!

    1. I like this! It’s TOTALLY like NaNo, you know, how you round up the word counts each day to meet the goal earlier? EXACTLY like this. This means I can definitely do it!

  4. kc

    haha! good idea. I will try to remind you :) it’s going to be SO awesome when you are done. you will either be so sick of looking at it you will be so glad to give it away OR you will be so in LOVE with it once it’s blocked you will be sad. either way, it’s going to be beautiful!

    1. I’m thinking I’ll get sick of it, haha. BUT, I will love how it looks in the end! I’m excited to finish it!

  5. Faith Hagedorn

    Aubrey, you are awesome! And five rows is totally achievable. I’ve long admired this blanket pattern, but it did seem a little daunting. You, however, are ROCKING it! And I have no doubt you can finish with ample time.

    1. Thanks, Faith! If I can do it, you totally can too.

  6. Teresa Kulupka

    this blanket is simply gorgeous! i’m sure you can put a good dent into it buy august.

    but also remember that wedding gifts can be given up to a year after the actual event. i’m sure they won’t mind if it’s late especially with what a great thoughtful gift it is.

    1. Thanks!

      And yes, that’s what I’ll be doing in case I don’t finish it in time. I’m really hoping I will!

  7. Kerri McAteer

     The blanket, so far, looks pretty awesome. You can do it!

    Set a reminder on your phone!

    1. Setting it on my phone is a good idea! Though, I’ll probably start ignoring the notifications as time goes on. My mind tends to ignore repetitive things… (except for, well, knitting, of course, haha)

  8. Oh wow! That’s gorgeous!

    The only time I ever knitted something on a deadline was for a friend’s wedding….  I cut it really close…. I was weaving ends in on the car ride to Connecticut for the wedding. LOL.

    1. Thanks!

      I’ve never come THAT close to a deadline! Usually I give up way in advance because I know I’d drive myself crazy. That’s why I’m giving myself a week, too. 

  9. Stephanie Bass

    Definitely doable.  And such a beautiful to be proud of.  However, your sidebar says that you have only knit 2 rows today… Isn’t supposed to be 5?  You can do it.  Then when you are finished, you can knit something beautiful for yourself.  That’s always an awesome reward!


    1. Oh, I’m totally sitting on my couch right now banging out the last three rows! A pesky hair appointment got in the way of me finishing my rows earlier. Thanks for the encouragement! :) And I’m for sure knitting something for myself when I’m done with this!

      1. Stephanie Bass

        Hooray!  You can do it!  Knit, knit, knit!  Then have a beer.

  10. Katrin

    Such a great idea! I would like to learn how to knit!

  11. Carrie Kapow Shelton


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