Hey, look! A knitting post!

Brandywine shawl progress

I started working on the Brandywine shawl after a few ladies in my knitting group cast on for it. I’ve seen the pattern here and there on Ravelry and other blogs, so I figured I’d cast one on too!

Of course, I didn’t think much about the timing of casting on a shawl, especially after I had just completed one (and yes, I STILL haven’t blocked that one yet!), AND since Christmas was just around the corner! Even now, five months before the wedding (of course I’m knitting myself a wedding shawl), and five months before my niece’s second birthday (I found the perfect thing to make for her!), there doesn’t seem to be enough time to work on this one.

Everyone needs a fun project in between the ‘have to knit by x date’ projects, right? This one is mine.

Brandywine shawl progress

Let’s talk about this yarn. I bought it last spring at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival, an amazing day filled with awesome friends and fibery goodness. We spent all day drooling over yarn and petting alpacas and sheep, but I didn’t spend any money on anything until I came across the BB Toes yarn by Tucker Woods. Like a moth to a flame, I’m drawn to shockingly bright colors, and this pink screamed at me from across the booth. Love at first sight.

Brandywine shawl progress

I’m taking bets with myself as to when I’ll actually get this done. Maybe during my honeymoon? So much knitting, so little time.