Our BRMC trip. Or, how I can now die happy.

(Note: Some of this entry may not make sense to people who haven’t heard of or listened to a lot of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But, I am still damn pumped and excited from seeing them live twice that I don’t really care. Important parts will be in bold if you are just skimming the entry.)

So, Scott and I just got back from seeing BRMC in concert in Columbus on Monday and Indianapolis last night. We saw them on their last tour last year, in Columbus, and they rocked so hard that I knew we’d have to see them again after they released their next album. We bought tickets sometime in April and planned to make the trips as sort of a post anniversary vacation. It fit us perfectly, and we had such an awesome time.

We left South Bend on Monday morning after running a few errands around town, and arrived in Columbus at about 4ish. We hung out around the hotel for a little bit before deciding to go to the general concert area to grab a bite to eat before the show. I hadn’t realized that the venue was RIGHT on the border of where the Ohio State campus was, so we ran into a lot of little food areas and stores on the street near the venue. It reminded me a lot of Kirkwood Ave in Bloomington with all the bars and restaurants. It rocked.

We ate at a nice bar and grill for dinner and we decided to order some drinks to pass the time. We found out that the place didn’t serve pitchers of any kind of beer at all on Mondays, which struck me as odd. We ended up drinking a few glasses of Bud Light to pass the time, and we enjoyed our meals.

After we ate, we went to stand in line, and we noticed the line wasn’t as long as we remembered it last year. While we waited, I talked to a girl standing in front of us who follows the band around the country and goes to nearly all their shows! She and her friends reminded me of the Band Aids from Almost Famous, discussing how far on the tour they were going to go and what buses they were going to catch. I think it would be neat to follow a band around the country like that, but unfortunately, I can’t take the time off work to do it. If I could, I probably would, in a heartbeat.

The Columbus show was pretty good; I didn’t think it was as good as last year’s Columbus show, but either way, we enjoyed ourselves. We stood near the back of the venue, behind the railing for the pit, so we could get a good view of the bands. The openers were good; The Dead Combo went up first, and they were entertaining, but I really liked the second opening act, the Cobbs. And, of course, I dug BRMC. We left at about midnight, our ears ringing, enjoying the show, and returned to our hotel.

We woke up too late to get breakfast at the hotel the next morning, so we watched a bit of TV and headed out to Indianapolis. We underestimated the distance between Columbus and Indianapolis and arrived in town close to 2, stopping to eat at a Steak and Shake on the Indiana border. We continued our way up to the northern side of Indianapolis and stopped at what we thought was our hotel, but, in reality, was not. We had wondered why we had issues with our reservations up to the day we left; it turns out that we had been calling the WRONG hotel! Thankfully the one we had booked was only a few miles away and a bit closer to the venue, so we took off and checked in. We relaxed for a few hours; I went into the Jacuzzi in our room and watched TV on the Science Channel, knitted a bit and did some crossword puzzles. I am the epitome of cool.

Scott’s friend Beau came to the show with us yesterday night; he lives in Indianapolis and I think he wanted to go to a show, so we met up with us after he got off work. He had a gift certificate for a bar and grill on the north side of Indy, so we headed there for dinner. We sat outside, drinking Blue Moon and talking, and I felt so happy and peaceful. The weather was great, we were going to see a band I loved, and I just felt awesome. I had a great time at dinner.

After we had a bit to drink and gasped at the pitcher costs ($13.50 for a pitcher of Blue Moon???), we headed to the venue, just down the street from the restaurant, and found that the doors had opened 45 minutes before we got there. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get close to the stage, but to my surprise, I ended up being in the second row! The opening acts, the same as the night before, came, and rocked as much as they did the day before yesterday. We were happy.

Then, BRMC came on and blew me away. Some of the setlist stayed the same from the night before, but they added a few more songs (they played ‘US Government’ and ended the show with ‘Heart + Soul, which is an awesome closer) and said they were playing closer to a double set because they had to cancel in Indianapolis last year. I rocked out with the people around me, singing along to all the songs, and I took a few pictures with my cell phone before I saw Robert put his hood up over his head and I wasn’t sure if that meant he didn’t want any more pictures taken! (There was a guy next to me taking a lot of pics with his camera; compared to my three pics, he took a ton!)

Near the end, they asked for requests. I’ve wanted to hear them play ‘Salvation’ every time I’ve seen them live; it’s probably one of my very favorite songs by them and I just wanted to hear it live, just once. I shouted it out, Scott followed, and I think one other girl shouted it on the other side of the stage, AND THEY PLAYED IT. They played it after not playing it for a long time live, according to them. They played ‘Salvation’ and as nerdy as I am, I teared up and sang along and felt so completely happy and pumped and awesome. I am so so damn happy they played it, so I could hear it, just once. My other favorites; “Love Burns”, “Red Eyes and Tears”, most of the stuff from the new album, and Robert’s acoustic cover of a Bob Dylan song (I just wish I remembered the title!).

After the show ended, Beau wanted to buy a copy of their newest cd (which would be autographed by the band) and I wanted to buy a Cobbs CD, so we stuck around for a bit. As Beau waited around for the CDs I went up to the merchandise table and talked to the Cobbs for a bit and bought the CD; they were so nice and seemed genuinely happy when I told them they were awesome and asked them to sign my CD. They were very fun to watch and it made me happier to see that they seemed like nice guys who appreciate their fans.

We stood around for a little bit more after I got my CD signed when I noticed Peter from BRMC walking back into the venue from the back. I decided ‘to hell with it!’ and walked toward him, waiting my turn to say a word. He knew I was waiting for him and he said hello and introduced himself, which I thought was cute because yeah, I definitely knew who he was :). (I just wish I had thought to actually introduce myself too; it didn’t even cross my mind to do so until later on!) I shook his hand and thanked him for playing Salvation, and he smiled and thanked me, and I think I said ‘no, thank YOU’ back to him, but at that point I was tired and excited that I got to meet one of the guys from my favorite band, the guy who sang ‘Salvation’ earlier in the evening, that I can’t really remember how the conversation went. I was excited, to say the least.

The rest of the night was a blur; we drove back to the hotel and Beau went home. We slept, woke up this morning, and drove back home. I’m still in a daze/rush from the show last night; I heard my favorite BRMC song and I met one of the members. Plus, I heard two kickass sets and had a great time with Scott and Beau. It really doesn’t get any better than this, and I couldn’t wish for a better time.