Car hunting

Scott and I spent our morning and part of our afternoon traveling to a few car dealerships to take a look at a potential new set of wheels for me. I’d never really been to a dealership before to check out new cars, and honestly, the prospect scared me because I didn’t want to deal with the stereotypical slicked back hair and bad checked coat car salesman I’d been warned about in the past. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

We looked at three 2008 models, in particular, just to get a feel for the car:

  1. Toyota Camry
  2. Ford Fusion
  3. Saturn Aura

Guess which one we both liked the best?

Surprisingly, not the Camry. We liked how the Camry drove, but we didn’t like the look of the center console. It looked a little on the cheap side to us, but it drove a lot like my current Camry. No surprises there.

We then checked out the Fusion. I’d been wary about buying a Ford for some reason, but I really enjoyed it after situating myself behind the wheel. The guy let us take it for a longer spin, so we drove home, hung out for a bit, then drove it back. I liked the feel of the leather seats and the built in Sirius radio, not to mention all the ‘new fangled’ features such as volume control on the steering wheel and keyless entry! (I’ve been driving a 1997 car my entire driving career, so this stuff’s, well, absolutely new to me.) The car also has a moonroof, and all these together made the car the same price as the base model Camry.

We then went to the Saturn dealership and drove the Aura around a bit; I loved the color (red) and I liked the tight steering, but I didn’t like it as much as the Fusion.


Right now, the Ford’s number one in our choices so far. Unfortunately, the people who was supposed to buy my car backed out today, so I’ll have my Camry around for a bit longer than I thought and we will have more time to look around.

Still. I can’t believe I liked a Ford the best! I guess it goes to show that what you think you may like the best may not be the best choice, and the car you never thought you’d buy is the one that feels the most comfortable.

EDIT: I closed comments to this entry. I’m honestly a little insulted that so many of the comments to this post were negative; we did our research prior to test driving the cars and I made sure that the cars we looked at had good reviews on websites. Of course, everyone has their own opinion, but I didn’t feel the comments page of my site was the place for people to voice their less than helpful comments in the negative tone most of them were in. I feel good about the choice we made in regards to the car I liked the best; we are still test driving cars but so far, the Ford’s in the front. I don’t want to have to defend my choice, but I feel I have to.