Christmas cards and rambliness

I just ate wings three hours ago and I’m hungry yet again. What gives?

I’m also annoyed because for some reason, Flash stopped working on my Firefox. I uninstalled it, but when I run the Flash player re-installer, nothing happens. So I’m flashless for now until I figure out what’s going on.

I’ve finally started working on my Christmas cards today. I’m really liking them so far; I’m sticking with a sparkly blue snowflake theme this year, and I’m having a good time making them. I’ll be buying white ribbon for them next time I’m at Michaels.

I really want to start making a point or writing in here, writing whenever I feel like talking about something. I haven’t been great with keeping up this weblog for the past few years, and I really want to make a change. I also really need to post more pictures. I should try posting at least once a day; maybe writing in my weblog will inspire me to actually do things during the day! Here’s to hoping, at least.

:scott: and I both work tonight. He’s working at Michael’s as a seasonal employee for the holidays, and he’s finding it interesting so far. He’s happy he works with other guys there, at least. I’m enjoying the framing department so far; it’s a lot to learn, but I like actually working on something tangible at work.

I really need to find new music to listen to. I’m sick of everything on my playlist! Feel free to make any musical suggestions to me and maybe I’ll give some new artists a spin.

Work in an hour and a half. Fun times.