Christmas decorations

Hey, look! Two blog posts in a day! I don’t think I’ve written two posts in a day since maybe 2003, so I’m pretty pumped that I squeezed in two today. I wanted to get caught up on the writing prompts I’m doing all December. Here goes!

Do you decorate for the winter holidays? Tell us about your decorations.

Christmas ornaments, 2015

I don’t decorate as much as I used to. Back in the day, I’d hang up garland, decorate a bigger tree, and put out special holiday dishes. These days, I just put up a 6 foot tree with built in lights, decorate it with my handmade beaded ornaments, and take out a couple holiday themed towels to decorate the kitchen. I’ve really condensed my things because I’ve moved so many times throughout the years, but I think I’m ready to stock up my decor again. Maybe I’ll pick up a wreath and a bunch of things after Christmas this year!

If I ever own a house again, I so want to decorate the outside with lights. I don’t think I’ll ever decorate my house like the house from Christmas Vacation, but sometimes I think it would be fun to either have a gaudy house or live on one of those streets where everyone decorates their houses. Christmas is just that fun to me.

I also hope to have a mantle so I can decorate it with fun Christmas items and to actually have stockings to hang! I knit myself a stocking back in 2004 or 2005, but I’ve never hung it up. How sad is that?

Another thing I haven’t owned since 2008 is a tree skirt. I so need a new one. I keep on saying I’ll make one, but that hasn’t happened in 7 years, so I need to just suck it up and buy one. I also should probably buy a star for the top of the tree, as I’ve never owned one!

Next year, I will Christmas up my place. I’m excited.

2 thoughts on “Christmas decorations”

  1. Would you do white lights or multicoloured ones? Harry and I differ when it comes to lights. Though, I am leaning toward the multicoloured for outside these days if we ever have a chance to do it again. I just love the look of white lights.

    1. I’ve always used white lights on my Christmas tree, but I’m leaning toward using colored for outdoors. I haven’t used colored lights much as an adult! As a kid, we always used colored lights.

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