Christmas Eve birthday present opening

So, I opened birthday presents today, and loved every one of them. I received:

* a pair of brown cords
* black sweater
* the 20th anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit!
* the Back to the Future trilogy DVD set!!
* the Fellowship of the Ring extended edition!!
* a Hard Day’s Night on DVD :)

I also was supposed to receive the huge Blur CD collection tonight, but that hasn’t come in the mail yet, my mother has informed me. Oh well, that will come in time!

After I opened my birthday presents, my siblings and I exchanged gifts. I received the DVD version of High Fidelity from my brother, and a $25 gift certificate to Borders from my sister. I’m happy with what I’ve received so far.

I’m just happy. It’s so amazing. Everything’s been amazing.

It’s my birthday today. At 5:21pm this evening I will officially be 22. My birthday always amazes me.