Christmas on the interstate

States I’ve been in since Christmas Eve:

12/24: IN, IL
12/25-12/27: IL, IN, OH
12/28: OH, IN, OH, PA, NY
12/29: NY, MA
12/30-01/02: MA
01/03: MA, NY, PA, OH, IN

So far, this holiday season has been spent mainly in a car, trying to get to every place we can to visit everyone in just the span of a week and a half. I spent Christmas Day at :scott:’s parents’ house, where I recieved a sewing machine (!!!) and quilting supplies, and I made my first blocks after Scott’s mother taught me the basics. We also visited Scott’s father at the power plant in which he works; I hadn’t ever been in a factory before and I found it to be pretty interesting.

We travelled back to Bloomington to drop off some things on Monday (Laura, sorry I couldn’t get together with you; we honestly didn’t know our plans until Sunday and I had no cell phone reception the entire time we were in IL) then continued onward to eat dinner with Scott’s mother’s side of the family. We then drove eastward to Dayton, OH to spend the night at Scott’s brother’s house and opened presents there as well.

Tuesday morning we drove back to Indiana to eat lunch with Scott’s father’s side of the family; I hadn’t ever met any of them before and was happy to be introduced to them. We left for MA at 3pm and arrived home at 2pm today. Whew. I’m happy to be relaxing here for a few days before I have to get into a car again.

Tonight will be spent celebrating Christmas and my birthday with my parents; we’ll be ordering chinese food and opening our presents. I’ve missed my family and I’m very happy to be home. I’m also happy to be on the internet again; I hadn’t even checked my email since the 23rd and I’m not looking forward to catching up with everything.

:josh:, thanks for the phone call on Christmas Eve. I would have called back, but yeah, no reception. A few other dear friends of mine who don’t read this site called me as well, and :denise: sent me a text message wishing me a happy birthday. :krissy:, thanks for the email, and all of you, thanks for the birthday wishes. They really made my day both on Christmas and today, when I read my email and website comments.

Happy holidays!