The Christmas/birthday thing

I can’t believe this month’s half over already. Time does fly fast! At this time next week, I will be hanging out with my friends Krissy and Mike here in our house, and I’ll be packing, getting ready for our holiday travels!

My birthday’s 11 days away. I always forget about my birthday this time of year. When people find out I’m born on Christmas, I get the same reaction from them all; at first, they’re excited and think being born on Christmas is cool, then they say ‘wait, you must get so ripped off!’ I laugh. Surprisingly, I do get two sets of presents from my family, Scott’s family, and Scott himself, so I don’t really get ripped off. I don’t care all that much, actually.

Maybe I should start celebrating half birthdays instead. Growing up, I wished my birthday fell during the summer months. June 25 wouldn’t be so bad, right?