I’m looking forward to driving through Springfield during Christmastime, seeing the lights on Tower Square from I-91 south, driving up from Connecticut. I’m looking forward to driving down Greenleaf Drive, marveling at the multitudes of lights on each and every house. I can’t wait to make cookies with my mother, dropping random bits of food coloring into the dough, making turquoise cookies with purple frosting. I can’t wait to decorate the tree, smelling the pine in our house, making Christmas ornaments, wrapping presents, making more cookies from my mother’s old cookie press. I love going outside in the snow, playing around and having a good time, and then warming up in front of the fireplace in the family room. I love looking outside at the falling snow, going outdoors at night. I just love Christmas. I can’t even really put it in words, but I love the holiday so much. Also, I’m going to be 22 this Christmas, which strikes me as odd because I STILL think I’m a teenager.

How am I nearly 22? How am I an adult?