I feel comfortable today, turkey in the oven, fire crackling in the fireplace, snow falling slowly to the ground outside the bay window in my parents’ family room. I’m drinking a Diet Coke with lime, sitting at the counter on my laptop while my sister spends time on my father’s new laptop. Scott’s playing his Wii; Peter’s watching. My mother’s upstairs watching soap operas on the television in her bedroom.

I finished part 4 of the second half of my Mystery Stole; I’ve really flown through it while on break. Two more parts and the edging left to go! I can’t wait to get it done so I can move on to my next project. I need to finish my Anastasia socks, and I may knit myself a pair of gloves, but after that, I will finally, finally cast on for Arisaig, a wrap cardigan I’ve wanted to make but never could find the yarn to use for it. I bought some yarn atWEBS a few days ago that will look great knit up as a cardigan, so I will finally begin it after I do my other projects. I’m excited to get it done.

I’ve nearly finished my paper journal for this year. Maybe I’ll try filling it the rest of the way today and tomorrow. Here’s to hoping, at least.