It’s funny how sporadic and on-the-fly my inspiration seems to be; I’ve stared and stared at my website for days without generating a single idea, poured through various and assorted articles on optimal web design, and in the span of 10 minutes today, threw something up on the site I actually do not dislike. Granted, this will not be a final layout by any means; rather, it’s a start for me, an exercise in brushing up my skills so I do not fall far behind on CSS and XHTML.

I realized today that I have not created my own layout from scratch since autumn 2004. I’ve mutated my blue and pink layout too many times; I’m ready to start fresh with new ideas in my mind and new sources of inspiration. I will not be working on a final layout for awhile as I will be marrying in 9 days (nine!); perhaps when things settle down after the big day I will sit down and work on something completely new and different.

I always gravitate towards pink in my layouts, no matter how hard I try to deviate from the color scheme. I’d love to make a layout consisting of orange and grey, of monochromatic shades of green, of silver and blue, but I work best with pinks. I feel comfortable in a pink skin, and comfortable is what I want for this layout until I do come up with a final product. I always miss the weblog when I do not post for a few weeks, and I’m hoping my mini break has helped me with my writer’s block of sorts.

So far, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done here today.