Contented weekend / Reverb 16

A day in the life.  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays can be busy days and they can also be lazy recovery days.  Tell us about yours (or your plans for a day this weekend) from top to bottom.

What my couch looks like on the weekend.

My weekend plans tend to be up and down. Sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I spend the weekend in my apartment knitting and drinking tea. I need a balance of going out and staying home to be content. This past weekend was a good example of what I mean.

Last Saturday, I drove up to New Hampshire to knit with a couple of my friends! I left my apartment at 8am and arrived just before 11, and I pulled up a chair, pulled out my knitting, and chatted while we listened to Christmas music and crafted. It was pretty great.

After knitting, I drove down to Portsmouth and saw a couple other friends. I got beers with one friend of mine and then got pizza with another friend. I left Portsmouth at 10:30 and arrived back home at 1am. Late nights are so not my thing anymore, but I’ll do them every once in awhile. Seeing friends is the best.

By contrast, Sunday was pretty low key. I lazed around at home, knit, and drank lots of tea.  I wrote in my journal and burned a Christmas candle. My Sunday differed so much from my Saturday, but that’s my favorite kind of weekend. I like time spent with friends and time spent by myself. I feel my best when I get to do both.

(Man, I need to make the time to write these blog posts! Hopefully this coming weekend I’ll get some writing done!)

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  1. Your weekend sounds lovely, but I have to admit to being more partial to your Sunday. ;)

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