Cozy / Reverb 16

Cozy: Some of us live on the Tundra, while others live where the tumbleweeds roll.  Either way, we still have to nest when December rolls around.  What keeps you cozy through the wintertime?

Cozy winter candles and knitting

I’m sitting at my kitchen table this morning, wearing a red checked flannel shirt, hand knit socks, and warm slippers. I’m sipping a cup of warm tea as I write this blog post. My Christmas tree glows in the background and the scent of my Balsam Fir candle fills the room. How I feel this morning, enveloped in comfort, all my senses stimulated by my favorite things, keeps me cozy.

It’s December 2nd and it looks like winter outside. Cloudy, iron grey skies, trees devoid of leaves, and a stillness that only comes with winter. This will be my first full winter in New England since 2013/2014 and while driving in snow isn’t my favorite, I’m still looking forward to bundling up in my apartment as the snow falls, drinking tea and watching the flakes fall from the sky.

Hope keeps me cozy through the wintertime. The knowledge that the cold and snow go away eventually keeps me hopeful for spring and new beginnings. Even the shortest day of the year gives me hope as the days get longer and things get better after that point.

I’ve missed living in a place that gets an actual winter. I love the coziness of the holiday season and the hope that comes with it. I look forward to many evenings drinking a warm beverage, knitting in hand, enjoying the season that defines coziness.