Cross-stitch and beer make for a good weekend.

As I stated in the previous entry, :scott: and I visited his parents in Illinois this past weekend. We wanted to avoid the spectacle that is South Bend during Notre Dame’s first home game; I noticed the festivities beginning when I couldn’t find a parking spot at the grocery store I eat at on Friday afternoons. I laughed when every single restaurant and hotel in the area put “Beat Michigan State!!111” on their billboards, and laughed even more when we passed guys holding “I NEED TICKETS” signs standing by the road. I can’t even imagine what the apartment complex was like on Friday and Saturday, only because we live literally five minutes away from Notre Dame itself. We probably wouldn’t have been able to park in our own complex, even though we have sticker parking and even guards at the entrance after 10pm. Either way, we missed interesting times at home this weekend.

The drive from South Bend to Illinois took us almost exactly five and a half hours; we stopped once in Champaign, IL to use the restroom and to buy soda for the remainder of the trip. I learned one thing; frat boys have no shame in using the women’s restroom at a gas station, and are not smart enough to lock the door to said woman’s rest room. They should know that if they don’t lock the door, of course, an unsuspecting female will open it and get a surprise! And guess which lucky female got to almost see a frat boy’s butt in the woman’s restroom at a gas station in Champaign? Yes, that’s right, ME! Thankfully I have a sense of humor!

We spent the majority of Saturday watching television, playing with Scott’s parents’ dog, and eating great home cooked food. I finished sewing up my digital camera case and also finished the main stitches on my Strawberry Fields cross stitch! I only need to do the beading on the project I’ve been working on for a year and a half, and then I’ll be done. Man, I’m proud of myself for actually getting that thing finished.

The best part of Saturday night, by far, was venturing out to St Louis for Carnaby Street with Laura and her boyfriend, Kyle. We left Scott’s parents’ house at around 9 and made it into the city a little after 10. We met up outside the club and went inside, picking up little bags of free stuff while we entered. I love free stuff, so I happily took my little bag! I’m disappointed that my bag didn’t come with a Dandy Warhols matchbook! Anyway, we wandered around trying to find a table; the place was a little on the small side and a little crowded, but we did eventually find a table and took a seat. Laura proceeded to pull out Krissy’s travelling notebook and we both wrote in it; I also looked over what I had written in 2003 and laughed! Scott and I each bought a beer to drink; either I’m becoming an outright alcoholic or the drink was not very strong at all, but I barely felt a thing after a pint of the stuff. I think it’s my tolerance rising with all the gin and Kool-aid I’ve been drinking this past week, who knows? Oh yeah, and Laura requested the DJ play “Tracy Jacks” as soon as we arrived, which made me happy. I love Blur. I greatly enjoyed the music played the entire night.

After a little bit we decided to go outside and sit on some chairs near a big screen playing… BLUR VIDEOS! So I proceeded to be a big, big dork and babble about the “Bang” and “Popscene” videos while excitedly exclaiming they were getting to the “Modern Life is Rubbish” era videos. Some guy also came over and took a picture of the four of us; I look goofy, as always, and Laura definitely showed she was having a good time. Scott started feeling really tired and sick to his stomach at around midnight, so we took off. I had a great time at the place with the music and the atmosphere, so I’m hoping that sometime when we’re out again we can check it out once more. I’ve never been to a bar-type place that played halfway decent music.

Of course, the drive back to Scott’s parents’ house took much, much longer; the interstates we took crossing the Mississippi (yes, interstates; three of them become one while going over a bridge right near the arch) were closed crossing back into Illinois, so we had to take a massive detour driving through northern St Louis before we found roads to take us back over to I-70. We were proud of our slight knowledge of St Louis geography to get us back home. We arrived home at 1:30 and promptly went to sleep. We had a good night.

We didn’t do much Sunday; we drove back to South Bend and putzed around a bit at home before going to sleep. I did get to take home some 28 count linen cloth from Scott’s mother, and we also took home some pillow shams and bed ruffles she made for us. Man, I’m sounding like an old lady more and more. Still, I insist that I’ll never let being married turn me too domestic. As I always say, I make cross-stitching cool.

So, that’s my weekend. Mondays definitely should be illegal because I had a busy, crazy day at work today. Fun times.