Dear spring, please come soon.

Star ornaments
Christmas stars, in March.

I’ve been quiet this week, mainly because I’ve been so tired after a day of work. Today’s been a good day, mainly because I’ve been able to relax, get a few things done, and take time to update WordPress to the 2.5 release candidate. (Which I’m digging so far. I really like the new look of the admin interface.) I love weekends.

. . . . .

One side of Arisaig

I finished the left side of Arisaig the other day. As I predicted, as soon as I finished the ribbing from hell, it took me maybe three days of casual knitting to get the top part done. The shaping on the top part of the left side differs slightly from the right; I decreased a little earlier on the left side than I did the right, but I don’t think it will be too noticeable. We’ll see what happens.

My biggest worry throughout this project is that this thing’s going to be way, way too small for me. I keep on forgetting that this is a lace project, knit on tiny needles; therefore, once I block the pieces, they’ll look a bit more normal in size.

Closeup of lace pattern
This is what the lace pattern will look like once this is blocked.

. . . . .

Jaywalker, halfway done!

I also finished my first Jaywalker sock a couple days ago. I met up with a new (to me) group of people in town on Wednesday and the sock flew off my needles as I sipped my hot chocolate and chatted with the new people I met. All in all, good times, and I’m halfway done with a cool looking pair of socks! It fit me perfectly as well, though due to the lack of stretch in the pattern, I had a difficult time putting the sock on and taking it off. Still, I’m looking forward to getting the second sock done.

. . . . .

Much to my dismay, we received a few inches of snow here yesterday and today. Even though I’ve lived in places that get considerable amounts of snowfall each winter, I still dislike it. I hate clearing off my car, driving in slush, and slipping on ice. I had hoped winter was over, but no. Not just yet. Hopefully now we won’t get much more snow, but knowing this area, we’ll have a blizzard in April. Winter, I’m so over you.

9 thoughts on “Dear spring, please come soon.”

  1. I stayed home most of the day & used my power of the mind to melt most of the snow ’round town. Very successful.

    Tomorrow I’ll use my power of the mind to fill the potholes & absorb chocolate. Don’t expect much success.

    Happy Easter Island!

  2. will

    they look great!

  3. Ah, I wish I hadn’t quit knitting before I finished my first scarf.

  4. I wish I had more manual dexterity to knit, sew, and craft. The sock is pretty.

  5. i’m still a “nay” on the admin interface but i’m looking forward to the final release of 2.5 anyway.

  6. I keep thinking Ms. Marigold is going to be too small for me, too…

    Oh, wait. She is.


    Hope you have better luck with your sweater! :)

  7. I’m definitely not digging the cold weather as of late either. I’m so ready for spring. I find myself thinking about last summer and feeling like it was eons ago. I will be so happy to just be able to drive with my windows down. I don’t want it *sweltering* (due to the fact that my car has no air conditioning at the moment), but being able to go outside without four layers of clothes would be awesome.

  8. Do you take knitting orders? I think I need to get in on this action. :)

    There is a knitting club at my new job that meets every Wednesday over lunch in one of our conference rooms…dare i join it? :)

    Hey, I was hanging out in New England this week and thought of you and Robby. I was in New Hampshire (flew in and out of Manchester) and Boston area…good times!

    Catch you later.

  9. I can’t wait to see the finished Arisaig Sweater. I love the color. And the Jaywalker sock is really nice; it’s such a subtle stripe. I may have to try that pattern out.

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