Doodle-y knitting

Today I’m supposed to post the last of the daily tradition type prompts for the prompt series I’m doing this month, but I’m so bored with these questions that I’m going to write about my knitting instead.  I can’t wait to answer Christmas themed questions next week, because I love Christmas!

The Doodler after Clue 2.

The Doodler after Clue 2.

Right before Thanksgiving, I finally fought my urges and bought the pattern for The Doodler, this year’s mystery knit a long shawl from Stephen West. He’s known for his bright and funky styles, and this shawl design is no exception so far. The clues all came out in November, so obviously I’m a little behind on finishing mine, but I’m so happy with it. I’ve only finished the first two clues but I’m excited to add the third color, a deeper purple, to the mix.

Closeup, complete with cat hair.

Closeup, complete with cat hair.

I am IN LOVE with these colors. Seriously. I bought the pink yarn, BB Toes by Tucker Woods, back in 2012 at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool festival. I even knit a Brandywine out of it at one point! It’s the perfect shade of pinky red for me, and for anyone who knows me, pinky red is my color.

The other yarn is just as awesome – Sweet Tooth by Lamby Toes. Amanda is such a nice person and her color sense is spot on, and I totally dig how much this yarn coordinates with the BB Toes.  Love, love, love. I just love looking at this combination.

Closeup of the giant cable.

Closeup of the giant cable.

I’m so excited to be starting Clue 3 soon, which will incorporate a third color. I picked Manos del Uruguay Alegria in the Antigua colorway, a darker purple with flashes of lighter pinks and lavenders. I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks with the other two colors.

This project has been awesome so far. I love the construction and I love the bright colors I picked!

6 thoughts on “Doodle-y knitting”

  1. This is going to be gorgeous with the dark purple third color! It totally made my day to spot one of my yarns in the wild. :)

    1. I’m so glad! Your colorways are all fantastic. I got my Festive Conifer the other day and I’m so excited to knit next year’s Christmas socks out of it!

  2. Those yarns so perfect together!

    1. Thanks! I really love how this is knitting up so far!

  3. love this!!! I’m going to knit an Exploration Station this coming year – I think it will be my first Stephen West pattern!

    1. Awesome! I knit a hat by him earlier this year and I loved the construction. I definitely want to knit more of his patterns!

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