Drupal Design Camp Boston 2011

Design for Drupal Boston 2011 Group Photo

Photo by ezragildesgame

Last Saturday, I attended Drupal Design Camp Boston, an event I’ve been going to for the past few years. Throughout the years, I’ve participated, both as an attendee and as a speaker! This is the first Drupal event I ever attended, so it holds a special place in my heart.

I’d been on the fence about going; I haven’t been working with Drupal as much since I left my job as a Drupal themer/developer last year. I also hadn’t even touched Drupal 7 and knew I needed to stay current for fear of really falling out of the Drupal loop.

I am so, SO glad I attended this year! I had forgotten just how much I love the Drupal community and meeting new people. I caught up with my old buddies @bymiche, @himerus, @susanmacphee, @lisarex, @finkatronic and met up with a few new people, including @geekgirlweb! I had a great conversation with @nikibrown at the afterparty and hung out with New Hampshire Drupallers @kbaringer and @hak42. So, so much fun!

I also attended a few great sessions; @evolvingweb‘s session on how they built Travelocity’s Allhotels CMS in Drupal, Peter Farrow’s presentation on jQuery Mobile, @kenwoodworth‘s talk on CSS3 and preprocessors, focusing on SASS (which I REALLY need to start using!) and lastly, @himerus‘ talk on his Omega theme and responsive layouts. Jake, your presentation rocked my socks off and I now want your madd Keynote skillz.

I came home from the day inspired and rejuvenated, eager to dive into Drupal 7 and some of the other technologies I learned about. I’m so excited, even now, and I’m so happy I braved the massive thunderstorms last Saturday morning to meet up with a bunch of talented, intelligent, friendly people. Thank you, #d4dboston!

5 thoughts on “Drupal Design Camp Boston 2011”

  1. Wish I could have been there this year… I love the New England Drupallers (I might love ALL the Drupallers, but don’t tell the Mass and NH Drupallers that)

    1. Hopefully you can make it next year!  Are you guys holding an FL Drupal camp at the beginning of next year again?

      1. Yeah, we are trying to figure out things like dates and the venue.

  2. I wish I’d made it up… but I ended up being way too stressed out for travel that weekend. :-/ But I’ll be up this coming week if you’re around!

    1. I’ll have to see what we’re doing! You should come out to Portsmouth one night at least!

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