Ebay winnings!

Today I’ve won my first item ever on Ebay; a Targus Stowaway Keyboard for my Handspring Visor Pro! I’ve had an Ebay account for a long time, but I hadn’t ever tried to win anything off the site until I found out the price for the Targus keyboard I wanted to purchase. I’m getting it for $35 less than the normal price, so I’m pretty excited.

Speaking of Ebay, I have a few things that I want to sell that I may put up on my account on Half.com, like books and albums I no longer want. I’m going to try to sell some of the albums at a local music store, and I hope to sell most of them before putting the rest on the internet.

I’ve won something! I’ve never even tried bidding for anything on Ebay before, so I’m excited. I hope it gets here soon!