Everquest II

Well, :cindy: beat me to it and put up screenshots of her :eq2: characters, so of course I have to put up mine now too.

[Startup screenshot of Starlania]

My main character’s a dark elf mage named Starlania; I half named her after the song ‘Starla’ by Smashing Pumpkins and after the name ‘Lania’ which came up randomly when I tried generating a name for her. I like how it sounds.

Ignore how angry she looks. She’s evil, remember.

She’s been having a lot of fun with Froho, a kerra (tiger!) warrior who loves to fight. They’ve been hunting Orcs in the Commonlands and they’ve been gathering experience rather quickly.

[Starlania and Froho stuck behind a door]

One day, Starlania and Froho decided to explore the Wailing Caves and found themselves behind a magical purple door of doom. They weren’t supposed to have passed through the door, however, so they ended up stuck on the other side, waiting for people with access to let them out. Unfortunately, both of them died but their friends were able to ressurect them.

You know, I didn’t think it was possible for me to become even more of a nerd, but this proves otherwise. Wow.