EXIF data

I’ve owned my own digital camera now for close to five years. For the majority of the past five years, I snap photos, save them on my card for a bit, then download all the images on the card to my computer. I always, always save my pictures in .psd format at a high resolution so I always have the original backup copy of it.

Since using Flickr, I’ve noticed a section for my photos’ description, which displays when the photo was taken, what shutter speed, how much light, etc; mainly, it takes the EXIF data from the photo as it’s uploaded to Flickr, then displays it. I’ve never had this information display when I upload my jpgs to Flickr, and I found out why yesterday; it appears that the data’s only added to a photo downloaded from a computer when the photo is downloaded as a jpg, not a psd. When I download and save as a psd, the EXIF data is not captured.

I ask you this, oh wise digital camera experts; how do you get around this? Do you store your images the same way, or do you store them in other file formats? I read ages and ages ago that storing them in a lossless data format’s the best way to go about it, which is why I’ve been using the .psd extension, but is there another I should use? How do you go about downloading images from your digital camera to preserve the EXIF data if you don’t automatically save them as jpgs?

(I WILL take pictures of crafty/nerdy goodness one of these days. I promise.)