Fan fun

For the past few days, my computer has been making funny noises. I’m blaming the fact that my CPU fan is covered with dust, making my processor (AMD Duron 900) overheat enough to turn my computer off. I’ve had this problem before; it usually goes away after a few days, after the dust is dispelled from the fan. Even so, I decided to borrow a screwdriver from Scott (yes, I don’t own one of my own) and open up my case.

Scott looked almost appalled as I opened my case as he exclaimed, “Are those the only fans you have in that case?”

One thing I did not know when I first built my computer nearly two years ago is the fact that more fans cool the computer down quicker. Currently, I only have two fans in my case; one for the CPU, one for the power supply. Scott suggested to me that I get at least one fan for the back of my case, and perhaps another for the bottom of the front of my case. I also found that the inside of my case is covered with dust, and a can of compressed air is another investment I should make this weekend.

Another thing that made me happy when I opened my case is that I do, in fact, have the wires capable of hooking up the two USB ports on the front of my case! I’m happy about this because I have two things (my flash drive and my digicam cable) that I plug and unplug a fair amount, and I’ve had to unplug things from the back of my case to just use these things for a few minutes. Hooking up the power to these USB ports has been tedious, to say the least, and I still don’t have it all put together. I’ll try hooking up the ports when I’m off work today, to see if I can get them working. I will be very happy if I do.

I’ll be happy when I get the extra fans in my case. I don’t want to burn out my processor or anything else in my case!