Five minutes from Michigan

So, I put my weblog back up yet again. Did you miss me?

I’m now living in South Bend, in an apartment much bigger than expected. I have a living room, a bedroom, a computer room, two bathrooms, a kitchen complete with 70s style appliances (puke yellow is a very ugly color for a fridge!) and a dining room area with a nice table. I am happy.

I spent my day today driving around South Bend picking up a few job applications and going to Super Target to pick up groceries. I love Super Target muchly.

We won’t be getting internet here for another week and a half; I’m currently being bad and leeching off someone else’s wireless connection. I’m desperate, I know.

I’m enjoying myself up here so far. It’s neat living so close to the border of another state and it’s going to be hard to get used to all the snow that falls up here. Still, I’m happy.