Flickr, Feedburner, and RSS annoyances

(Bear in mind that I cannot formulate complete sentences today.)

I’m completely and utterly baffled as to how I should go about posting entries with pictures from Flickr. If anyone reads this site via RSS and is subscribed to my Feedburner feed, then when I post pictures to Flickr and then post those same pictures in an entry here, then the person reading the feed will see the pictures twice. However, if I do not post the entry with pictures on the weblog and just leave it on Flickr, then would any of my readers bother to notice there are new pictures in the Flickr sidebar and read what I have to say there?

I like Flickr. I like Star Shaped. I’m not sure how to use both to make everyone happy. Anyone have any advice?

Edit: Thanks, Dave, for telling me about the ability to create multiple feeds in Feedburner. I’ve now created a feed for those who’d like to see pictures I’ve posted on Flickr as well as my entries, and a feed with just the entries. I am happy.

3 thoughts on “Flickr, Feedburner, and RSS annoyances”

  1. I use a feedreader, and I dont have a problem getting your pictures and a post, =) its not a big hassle to me, I enjoy looking at the pictures, and I like when you post with them because I can respond to your weblog, I dont have a flickr account =)

  2. I don’t use a feedreader (yeah, they are more convienent but i still don’t really like the concept). I notice the new pictures (and really like that it shows the last ones instead of random since i don’t often visit people’s flikr sites) and if I think the photo looks interesting then I’ll click on it to see if you put any descriptions. Like I clicked on the scrapbooking page photo but not on the scarf since I’m not really that into knitting. I think though that if the photo is of something that you feel is important, say the finished clapotis, then you should make it an entry with a picture. Rambling since I accidently took my PM pills in the AM.

  3. You can create three feeds with feedburner, so you could offer both your normal site feed and an uberfeed with photos,, etc.

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