Fond Christmas memories

Good morning, all! Today I’m writing about traditions that have been passed down to me. I only have one, and it’s only kind of Christmas related, but it still works for me. I have fond Christmas memories with my family.

If you have children, what traditions are you trying to instill in them? If you don’t have children, what is a tradition someone passed along to you?

The one tradition that we’ve upheld from my family is celebrating my birthday on Christmas Eve! My birthday is actually on Christmas Day itself, and every Christmas morning, I’d wake up forgetting it was my birthday because I was so excited about Christmas. I think my family wanted me to have my own day, so we started celebrating it the previous evening.

Starting at around my 13th or 14th birthday, on Christmas Eve, I’d pick dinner for the night. Usually I’d pick my mom’s chicken and broccoli casserole, and sometimes I’d pick her roast beef. Once or twice, I think I picked lobster! The past few years, however, we’ve been going out to eat, picking up food at the local Chinese place. Yum.

After dinner, I’d open birthday gifts! The gift part of the holidays hasn’t been the highlight for me for years, but I still enjoy everyone getting together to celebrate. Plus, we’d all sit around and joke and talk, and it was fun. After gifts, we played board games, usually a game we bought specifically to play for the first time on Christmas Eve. The last one I remember playing was Gift Trap back in 2008, and I remember it being pretty fun.

Even though we live about 2500 miles away from my family now, we still celebrate my birthday on Christmas Eve. Last year we went out for dinner, and then I opened my gifts. It was a lot more low key than my birthday with my family, but I still enjoyed it. It’s one tradition I’ve always enjoyed with my family.