Friday Five – hair!

This is a timely set of questions, as I just cut my hair on Tuesday. I’ve done so many things with my hair over the years, so I always like talking about it (and sharing pictures, of course).

1. What’s the longest your hair has ever been? The longest my hair has ever been was probably down to my elbows… when I was 9. I grew it out again in 2013 for the wedding and kept it long until I wanted short hair again at the beginning of 2014. It’s strange seeing pictures of me with long hair.

The longest my hair has been as an adult.

2. What’s the longest amount of hair you’ve cut off at once? I’ve gone from long to short a million times, so I’m not sure what the longest at once has been! I cut my hair really short in June of 2009 after it had been a little on the long side, so this might have been a considerable jump in length.

The shortest my hair has ever been.

The shortest my hair has ever been.

3. What length is your hair now? Right now, it’s really short in the back and about chin-length in the front. I love it. I love having short hair again.

Loving my new hair cut and color!

Loving my new hair cut and color!

4. What length of hair do you prefer most on yourself? Short. Definitely. My favorite cut was short in back, long in front, that I got in July 2008. I keep on trying to get this cut again, but it never looks exactly how it did. The cut I just got is pretty close, though. Maybe one day…

My all time favorite haircut.

5. What length of hair do you prefer most on your partner/potential partners? I’m a big fan of longish hair on guys, as long as it’s not to their shoulders. Ted actually has awesome hair, but I also love 1965-1966 era Beatle hair on guys. People have always laughed at my hair preferences, but I know what I like!

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  1. Crystal

    I LOVE your new cut and color!

    1. Thanks! :D I love it so much too!

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